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Welcome to Byte Academy's Application Page*
If you are a new user, use the sign up button on the right hand side to create an account.  

To Complete the Application:
1) Create an account.
2) Visit your profile page and complete both the  personal information form and the application form.
3) Upload a resume (mandatory)
4) Click the Submit Button.
Next Steps:
1) If you have any questions or would like to visit us, please set up an appointment via email
2) To reserve a seat in our New York City classes there is a $500 deposit. (Please enquire separately for Singapore and India locations)
After Admission:
1) Complete the Pre-work found here or inform your instructor if you have finished and would like more work.
2) Pay the balance of the tuition and start your course

*Please note that the costs noted on this application page is for New York City classes only.  Rates are different in India and Singapore.  For questions regarding Singapore please email  For India, please email